Free 11 Plus Maths Exam Papers

The papers below are available to download free and are real 11 Plus Papers. Currently the ones we have available have been sourced from Independent Schools so if you are using them for Grammar School you need to be aware that there are often three or four questions at the end which are a little more difficult than you would normally find in a Grammar School 11 Plus Maths Exam.

Independent School tests are obviously very useful to do if you are going for such an exam but they are equally useful as part of Grammar School entry preparation. As timed tests based on the KS2 syllabus they are at the right level for students, additionally because they are written by a variety of schools they will provide the variety that children need to prepare really well.

Question format of Free 11 Plus Maths exam papers

The papers below are all in standard format not multiple choice. This isn’t an issue for children (although if they are sitting a multiple choice exam we would suggest they do a few multiple choice Maths papers before the day itself).

These papers are at a slightly higher level than many 11 Plus tests for grammar schools so you can be sure that if children score highly on these tests then they will be in good shape.

Most tutors use standard tests as part of their preparation (rather than multiple choice) because they discourage guessing and encourage a proper approach to each question.

What score should children be looking for in these Free 11 Plus maths exam papers?

Children generally should be looking to score over 75% when these papers are done towards the end of year 5, they will then improve further over the summer. Children applying for more competitive grammar school entries or independent school scholarships or bursaries should be scoring well over 85%.

Wider preparation beyond just using exam papers

While we have an extensive list of free 11 plus papers you can download at the bottom of this page, it is important to remember that wider preparation is essential.

To review the books that we suggest you use during your preparation, then try some of these links:

Independent School 11 Plus Maths Papers

 These papers come from high quality independent schools and as such are a fair reflection of the type of school written maths exams children will face at 11 Plus. Keep in mind that most Independent Schools have three to five more difficult questions at the end because they do not run a separate scholarship exam. Don’t making the mistake of focussing on more difficult questions until your child consistently scores 100% on the bulk of the paper- working on accuracy over complexity produces better results.

Dulwich College 11 Plus Maths exam paper A

Dulwich College 11 Plus exam paper A – Mark scheme


Dulwich College 11 Plus Maths exam paper B

Dulwich College 11 Plus Maths exam paper B – Mark scheme


Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ 11 Plus Maths exam paper A


North London Independent Girls’ School 11 Plus Maths exam paper Group 2 paper 1


The Kings School Chester 11 Plus Maths paper

11 Plus Maths Papers for Grammar School Entry

These papers are typical of those that will be faced by children around the country. They will be of particular use to pupils facing GL tests but we also believe they will be really useful for those pupils facing the CEM Numerical reasoning section. The CEM tests include both short calculation questions and longer multi-part and worded problems. In essence a child will be going over lots of skills which will be useful in CEM tests when they do tests from other providers- not least of which is adapting to the vagaries of different question forms.

Bond 11 Plus Maths Sample Paper

Bond 11 Plus Maths Paper Answers

CGP 11 Plus Assessment Test Maths

CGP 11 Plus Assessment Test Maths Answers

CGP 11 Plus Assessment Test Maths  Answer sheet

IPS 11 Plus Maths Sample Paper

School Written Maths Papers for Grammar School Entry

These papers may be similar to the papers produced by providers such as CEM and GL, but are produced by the school and released either as sample papers or past papers. Clicking the link will download the file for you to then use.

School Written Maths 11 Plus Paper- Crossley Heath and Halifax Grammar Schools

School Written Maths 11 Plus Paper- St. Anselm’s College (Paper 1)

School Written Maths 11 Plus Paper- St. Anselm’s College (Paper 2)