Year 5- 11 Plus Core Maths Skills Assessment

When families embark on the 11 Plus preparation process in year 5 we often find there’s a huge urge to measure progress almost immediately, to get children doing test papers and see how well they score.

You’ll note from our preparation guide that the single biggest reason children do not do themselves justice in 11 Plus maths tests is because they move too far forward into testing before the basics are properly in place. Often this means they spend too long on questions they should be quick at which then means they rush others, as a result when papers are marked it won’t be at all clear where their weaknesses are.

The fundamental cause of problems (whether it is performance reaching a plateau or making silly mistakes or running out of time) is a lack of sufficient skill on times tables and the four basic operations.

Every child should do a core Maths skills assessment at the beginning of year 5

Our Core Skills Maths Assessment has been designed specifically for children at the beginning of year five and will help parents understand where there is a times tables or four operations weakness. The time allowance for this assessment is deliberately tight because we expect children to be able to answer times tables questions instantaneously. You will find a mark scheme and guidance on how to interpret the results enclosed in the download file.

The core skills Maths assessment is free to download for parents.

Advantages of doing a core skills Maths assessment

  • Flag up if a child needs booster work on times tables and four operations.
  • Help ensure a child can work through questions more quickly and accurately because weaknesses would have been identified and fixed early.
  • Children without immaculate core skills will always struggle to perform to their ability until the problem is fixed.

11 Plus Exams- Core Skills Maths Assessment – Assessment test to be taken at the beginning of year five.

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