11 Plus Maths Exam – Year 5

List of schools/areas this advice applies to is at the bottom of the page.

Skills development and exam preparation – Year 5

Please download our FREE 11 Plus Maths exam preparation guide which gives detailed explanations of how to structure a preparation programme at home.

We have reviewed all the materials we recommend as being suitable for this exam.

Step One (see guide) – Core Skills assessment (download here)

We suggest everyone does this Core Skills assessment. Too often ‘silly’ mistakes in tests can be traced back to a weakness in times tables or four operations.

Step Two (see guide) – Maths skills development phase

Mental Maths

Use the following books.           

Schofield and Sims – Mental Arithmetic Book 3

Schofield and Sims – Mental Arithmetic Book 3 (answers)

Schofield and Sims – Mental Arithmetic Book 4

Schofield and Sims – Mental Arithmetic Book 4 (answers)

Maths Problem Solving 

Use the following books.

Heinemann – Maths Word Problems Book 4

Heinemann – Maths Word Problems Book 5

Heinemann – Maths Word Problems Teachers Book (answers) Book 4 and Book 5

Maths Skills Development 

Use some of the following books.


CGP – Maths Study Book and Parent Guide


Peter Robson – Maths Practice and Revision Books (book 1 and book 2 only)

(If choosing the Peter Robson option also buy the answer book which covers books 1-5)

IPS – Maths Daily Practice Papers – Dual Format

Step Three (see guide) – Exam skills development and practice papers

Use some of the following books.

GL Assessment –  Maths Multiple Choice Pack 1

GL Assessment  – Maths Multiple Choice Pack 2

Bond – 11 Plus Maths Test Papers Multiple Choice Pack 1

Letts 11+ Success Maths Practice Papers

IPS – Mathematics Practice Papers – Dual Format


Schools/areas this advice applies to

Buckinghamshire – all schools

Devon – all schools

Dorset – all schools

Essex – all schools – apart from Chelmsford County High School for Girls

Greater Manchester – all schools – apart from Sale Grammar School

Hertfordshire South West – all schools

Hertfordshire – all schools

Kent Medway – all schools

Kent – all schools

Lancashire – all schools

London Barnet – all schools

London Sutton – all schools

Wiltshire – all schools

Yorkshire Calderdale – all schools

Reading Girls’ Grammar School – Berkshire Reading

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School – Cumbria

St Olaves Grammar School – London Bromley

Tiffin Girls’ School – Kingston-upon-Thames

Skipton Girls’ High School – Yorkshire North