11 Plus Maths Exam – Year 5

List of schools/areas this advice applies to is at the bottom of the page.

Skills development and exam preparation – Year 5

Please download our FREE 11 Plus Maths preparation guide for year 5 which gives detailed explanations of how to structure a preparation programme at home and how to use the resources we have recommended below.

Editor’s Pick Feature

All our books or resources are recommended and have been reviewed. Where we think there are books or resources which really stand out these are marked as an Editor’s Pick.

Books or structured courses

If preparing at home you have a choice. Either do the planning yourself and buy books and decide what to do when (our free preparation guide helps take a lot of the pain out of this together with the recommended books we list below) OR choose a structured course where all the planning is done for you, everything is included and you just have to print it out and do it. The choice is yours, either can be very effective.


Using Structured Courses For Preparation

ⓘ Editor’s Pick – There are two courses available with good Maths coverage alongside all the other elements needed for GL Exams (English, NVR, VR and vocabulary). Try either the Enhance Course if you have more than 20 weeks to go until the exam or the Boost Course if you have less than 20 weeks to go until the exam. 

If you have less than 20 weeks to go and want a Maths focussed structured course then the 11 Plus Boost Maths and NVR course provides very good coverage and is a very effective alternative to books.


Using Books For Preparation

Step One – Core Skills Assessment

Core Skills Assessment

The first step is to complete our free Year 5 Core Skills Assessment. It has been designed specifically for children at the beginning of year five and will help parents understand where there is a times tables or four operations weakness. The time allowance for this assessment is deliberately tight because we expect children to be able to answer times tables questions instantaneously. You can find the Core Skills Assessment by clicking the link above where you can download it for free.


Step Two – Maths skills development phase

Mental Maths

Use the following books.           

Schofield and Sims – Mental Arithmetic Book 3

Schofield and Sims – Mental Arithmetic Book 3 (answers)

Schofield and Sims – Mental Arithmetic Book 4

Schofield and Sims – Mental Arithmetic Book 4 (answers)

Maths Problem Solving 

Use the following books.

Heinemann – Maths Word Problems Book 4

Heinemann – Maths Word Problems Book 5

Heinemann – Maths Word Problems Teachers Book (answers) Book 4 and Book 5

Maths Skills Development 

Use some of the following books.


CGP – Maths Study Book and Parent Guide


Peter Robson – Maths Practice and Revision Books (book 1 and book 2 only)

(If choosing the Peter Robson option also buy the answer book which covers books 1-5)


Step Three (see guide) – Exam skills development and practice papers

Use some of the following books.

GL Assessment –  Maths Multiple Choice Pack 1

GL Assessment  – Maths Multiple Choice Pack 2

GL Assessment  – Maths Multiple Choice Pack 3

Bond – 11 Plus Maths Test Papers Multiple Choice Pack 1

Letts 11+ Success Maths Practice Papers


Step Four (see guide) – Further development for very bright children

ⓘ Editor’s Pick – Maths Stretch and revision course  


11 Plus Super-Selective Maths Questions Book 1

11 Plus Super-Selective Maths Questions Book 2

11 Plus Super –Selective Maths Questions Book 3


Schools/areas this advice applies to


Buckinghamshire – all schools

Devon – all schools

Dorset – all schools

Essex – all schools – apart from Chelmsford County High School for Girls

Greater Manchester – all schools – apart from Sale Grammar School

Hertfordshire South West – all schools

Hertfordshire – all schools

Kent Medway – all schools

Kent – all schools

Lancashire – all schools

London Barnet – all schools

London Sutton – all schools

Wiltshire – all schools

Yorkshire Calderdale – all schools

Individual Schools

Reading Girls’ Grammar School – Berkshire Reading

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School – Cumbria

St Olave’s Grammar School – London Bromley

Tiffin Girls’ School – Kingston-upon-Thames

Skipton Girls’ High School – Yorkshire North