11 Plus Exam Papers & Books 11 Plus Guide


While there are many preparation options for the 11 Plus test such as guided courses, tutors and tuition centres, many parents still prefer to use books and other resources at home with their child. In this section, you can find our free papers and resources and recommended books for the 11+.

Free 11 Plus Exam Papers

We offer a large number of papers available for download with no cost, registration or adverts. These papers cover all the eleven plus subjects as well as free 11+ papers for CEM style tests and independent school sample papers.

Free Assessment Tests

In this area, you can find a free Year 5 Core Skills Assessment to help judge where your child’s weaknesses area and where work is needed. You can also find an extensive list of Free Maths Assessments for Children in Years 1-6 so parents can find out for themselves how their child is doing at school and what progress they are making.

11 Plus English Exams

Having very solid core literacy skills, including a wide vocabulary, is an important part of succeeding in the 11 Plus test. Our recommended resources are the best available ones out there and will help ensure that your child’s English skills are good enough to pass the 11+ exam. Our English resources are also broken down by year: Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5.

11 Plus Maths Exams

Your child is unlikely to succeed in the 11 Plus test without strong core Maths skills because often without these then lots of small mistakes are made and marks are lost. Our recommended resources offer the best preparation for the Maths section to avoid losing these marks. Our Maths resources are also broken down by year: Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5.

11 Plus VR Exams

A lot of parents make the mistake of believing that doing paper after paper will lead to improvements but in fact, real improvement will only come with vocabulary enhancement activities. Our recommended resources will help your child progress with their Verbal Reasoning skills. Our VR resources are also broken down by year: Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5.

11 Plus NVR Exams

Non-Verbal Reasoning is a big part of many 11+ tests but it is often hard to find the right materials. Our recommended resources overcome this having been checked by us already to be sure they will help your child pass the eleven plus exam. Our NVR resources are also broken down by year: Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5.

CEM 11 Plus Exams

If you are trying for entry into a school that uses the CEM test then you can find out information on the exam here as well as our preparation pages by year and subject.

Independent and Private School Exams

In this section, you can find both English Resources for Independent School Exams as well as Maths Scholarship resources.

Exam Papers and Books by Grammar School Region

You can find which resources that you should be using for your child by which grammar school region the school you are applying for is in. This ensures that you are using the best resources possible.

11 Plus Publishers

Here there is a break down of books by different publishers. All of the books in this section are recommended by us for the 11+ exam.

11 Plus Revision

Browse our revision advice including advice on 11+ revision timetables and plans and how to structure your revision.