11 Plus Exam Papers and Books

Preparing at home is still the most popular choice for parents. Preparing at home isn’t the poor cousin of using a tutor or a tuition centre, for some families it is simply the best option regardless of cost.

Finding the right 11 Plus exam papers and preparation resources is a big challenge

The biggest challenges families face when preparing at home is deciding what materials to use and then planning a suitable schedule of work. Some families decide to use an 11 Plus Guided Course where all this is done for you and all you have to do is sit down and do the work schedule provided. Other families want to do all this themselves.

Use our free guides and recommendations to help you

For families who do want to use individually bought books at home we have tried to help as far as we can by suggesting a suitable set of materials to use for each exam type and for each area. We have then also produced a free preparation guide to use working with these resources. The combination we hope will give you some useful guidance on what to do when and which books to use. Some families won’t want to do as much as we suggest, others will want to do more. We hope that our suggestions deliver a useful start point for families to build on.

We have reviewed all the publications we recommend and so know that they offer a good solution for families. We have given choices where that is relevant.

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