English Preparation Year 4 11 Plus Guide

English Preparation Year 4

As a parent you have a choice when helping your child at home with Year Four English.

  • Use traditional books ( positives and negatives listed down the page).
  • Use a structured course which takes much of the hassle out of the process and improves learning outcomes ( positives and negatives below).

Both routes can deliver excellent outcomes but books will require greater parental effort. We have had such good feedback from parents who have used structured courses that these are now our number one recommendation.

We recognise however they won’t be right for everyone which is why we still maintain a recommended book list and a free preparation guide which can be accessed from this page.

1/ Use a structured course for year four English preparation and support


  • Work is done on paper
  • Children learn better than when sitting in front of a computer
  • No need to decide which books to buy as everything is included in the course
  • No need to worry about what to do when, as everything is structured. Revision is built in.
  • Proven to move children forward over and above the level they would otherwise have reached by at least 2 levels


  • The course will need to be printed but this can be done in bite-size chunks when needed. 


  • For year four English cost is £22 total and represents, in our view, the most cost -effective way to help a child at home

How can we help

  • We have looked at the suppliers including those which offer part online /part paper solutions and have selected Learning Street as our recommended supplier.
  • We have had great feedback from parents about the product and the customer service offered and have no hesitation in recommending them.
  • Lots of private tutors use their materials rather than books which reflects very well on the quality of the work provided.
  • They produce a variety of work in terms of colour and design that is ,in our view, much more engaging for children than most books and the feedback they get from parents reflects this.

Access a recommended structured course for year 4 English preparation


2/ Use traditional books for year four English preparation and support


  • Work is done on paper
  • Children learn better from books than when sitting at a computer


  • Working out which books to buy
  • Organising when to work on which topic
  • Developing a work plan


  • About £35 for the year- this covers the variety of books we recommend.

How we help

  • We’ve provided a recommended book list to take the hassle out of choosing which books to buy.
  • We’ve provided a preparation plan to help you make the most of your time

What to do if you want to use books