CEM 11 Plus Exam Preparation Year 3

CEM 11 Plus tests reward very sound core Maths and English skills, in this regard they are the same as any other 11 Plus exam around the country.

Pupils who are going to be doing CEM tests should do the following during Year 3.

1/  CEM English and Verbal Reasoning

a/ Focus on the help and advice offered in our 11 Plus English Year 3 preparation page. Download the FREE guide and use the associated resources.

b/ There’s absolutely no need to do any VR specific work although the vocabulary enhancement resources suggested in our 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Year 3 section may be useful.

2/  CEM Numerical Reasoning

At this stage in Year 3 there’s absolutely no point in considering how Maths might differ from Numerical Reasoning. Pupils should focus on core Maths skills. The advice we offer in our 11 Plus Maths Year 3 preparation section is exactly right for children of this age. Download the FREE guide and use the associated resources.

3/  CEM Non-Verbal Reasoning

During Year 3 there’s little point in working on Non-Verbal Reasoning for a CEM 11 Plus test. Please go through to our page on 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Year 3 to see what activities we do suggest and why.

Place the emphasis on core skills

CEM 11 Plus tests are designed to be as difficult to ‘tutor’ directly for as possible. It is certainly more difficult to question spot. Children with very strong core skills and particularly a wide vocabulary will do better than others. These core skills take time to build up which is why we suggest all effort in year 3 should be focussed on this area.