CEM 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning question type 3- CLOZE use of English test

These tests again are based on a section of text. In many of the sentences children are given three or four options for words which could be used in a particular place. One of the words will be correct, the options might include words which have not been spelt correctly, a word which is related to the correct word but not correct, the correct word but in the wrong tense, a homophone of the correct word etc. Children need excellent vocabulary , spelling and use of English skills to succeed at this test. This type of test is very easy to make silly mistakes in when under pressure on the day and with the time constraints.

Of course doing a few of these tests will help students prepare but in the end they must work to improve their core English skills if they are going to make real progress. Just doing test questions will have a finite return.

Free example CEM 11 plus verbal reasoning question type 3 – CLOZE use of English test