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11 Plus Maths Exams are actually very similar around the country. The key points to note are that they very rarely stray beyond the KS2 syllabus and most marks are dropped through little mistakes rather than through lack of knowledge.

The mistake most parents make is to leap to testing far too quickly and the result is that we often see lots of parents whose children have reached a plateau; they simply cannot get better because they keep making small little mistakes on the core areas where skills should be totally solid.

We have selected a number of resources which we feel offer pupils a good level of preparation in years three, four and five and into the exam itself.

Each of these resource selections is accompanied with a free 11 Plus Maths guide which details what you could do when. We find that in any home preparation programme the toughest thing for parents is to decide what to do when – hopefully the information here helps provide a solution for parents.

Please do use our resources suggestions and free guides on what to do in years three , four and five. Hopefully you’ll find them useful. Just click through to the school year you are interested in, download the FREE preparation guide and then use the recommended books and papers in your schedule.