11 Plus English Exam – Year 3

Year 3 Recommended resources and guide

Please download our FREE 11 Plus English Year 3 preparation guide which gives detailed instructions on how to structure a preparation programme at home. The recommended resources have been selected to compliment the free year 3 preparation guide.

Structured Courses or Books

Traditionally parents have only been able to use books at home but now with the advent of structured courses there is another option that is proving very useful. Structured courses come in a number of forms but the best of these removes the whole problem of which books to buy and the order in which to do them in away from parents.

We now give recommendations for both structured courses and books.

Structured Courses

The courses we recommend are produced by Learning Street. For year three they produce a number of English Courses and they produce combined courses featuring Maths and English. As children have a huge variation in performance at this age due to differences in age and maturity we suggest you use their Course Finder feature which will help you look at the courses which will be most suitable for your child.

We recommend these structured courses because they make working at home so much easier and they are also likely to be cheaper than buying a series of books.

Preparation Using Books

Remember to download the free preparation guide for year three English before buying the books we recommend from the list below.

We have produced the preparation guide and the recommended books list to help parents find their way through the hundreds of books available and select those which are going to have the right sort of impact for their child. We hope you find the advice useful.

General English skills


Bond – No Nonsense English 6-7 THEN 7-8


Schofield and Sims – English Skills Book 1 (answer book can be bought separately)

THEN Schofield and Sims – English Skills Book 2 (answer book can be bought separately)

Fun English Workbook

Schofield and Sims – Springboard 1 THEN Springboard 2 THEN Springboard 3

(N.B. no answers provided but these books are VERY effective)

Grammar and Punctuation

Rising Stars – Skills Builders Grammar and Punctuation Year 3 Age 7-8


Kit’s Educational Publishing – Complete Graded Spelling Lists for years 1-6 (British edition)


Rising Stars – Spelling and Vocabulary Year 3 Age 7-8


You’ll see from the free year 3 preparation guide that children should be:

1/ Reading every day (or building up to it)

2/ Doing paired reading at least twice per week.

See our suggested Year 3 reading list for inspiration about what books to try.