11 Plus English Exam – Year 3

Year 3 Recommended resources and guide

Please download our FREE 11 Plus English Year 3 preparation guide which gives detailed instructions on how to structure a preparation programme at home. The recommended resources have been selected to compliment the free year 3 preparation guide.

Summary – What you should concentrate on and why

At this stage the total focus should be on improving a child’s core English skills. All 11 Plus tests cover core English skills. See our Year 3 English Preparation guide for full details.

General English skills


Bond – No Nonsense English 6-7 THEN 7-8


Schofield and Sims – English Skills Book 1 (answer book can be bought separately)

THEN Schofield and Sims – English Skills Book 2 (answer book can be bought separately

Fun English Workbook

Schofield and Sims – Springboard 1 THEN Springboard 2 THEN Springboard 3

 (N.B. no answers provided but these books are VERY effective)

Grammar and Punctuation

Rising Stars – Skills Builders Grammar and Punctuation Year 3 Age 7-8


Kit’s Educational Publishing – Complete Graded Spelling Lists for years 1-6 (British edition)


Rising Stars – Spelling and Vocabulary Year 3 Age 7-8


You’ll see from the free year 3 preparation guide that children should be:

1/ Reading every day (or building up to it)

2/ Doing paired reading at least twice per week.

See our suggested Year 3 reading list for inspiration about what books to try.