About us

11 Plus Guide has been developed to help parents find their way through the 11 Plus maze.

We have over twenty years of experience helping parents through 11 Plus entries whether this has been for Grammar Schools or Independent Schools or both.

We wanted to make the site and all our knowledge free of charge to parents because we felt that was the best way of making an impact.

Our approach to 11 plus preparation.

Because we are independent and have no services to sell ourselves , we have been able to focus on simply explaining the options parents have available to them. We hope to be to help parents decide which might be the best solution for them. This zero bias helps to allow us to make unbiased recommendations and suggestions to parents.

Our recommendations

The 11 Plus is a crowded area with lots of different resources available to help parents. These resources can be of variable quality or usefulness depending on what exam children will face.

In the area of books and papers we have sought to recommend in each case materials which we know are fit for purpose and will be useful. The list is not exhaustive but we have reviewed each item for its appropriateness. We use Amazon to direct you to these choices because overall we feel they deliver best value, if we could do it more cheaply ourselves or through any other supplier then we would do. Amazon gives you the opportunity to exclude post and packing charges which is a huge price advantage.

Other suppliers

Where other suppliers are named ( tutors, tuition centres, guided courses) we have not unless stated reviewed their service but we have done some background checks to ensure that there is nothing there that would indicate any potential problems to us.

11 Plus Forum

Having dealt with thousands of parents who have been through the 11 Plus we know what questions come up year after year. We have sought to summarise these for parents so that you can find the answers you are looking for as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have deliberately not taken this in the direction of a chat room for parents because we feel that most parents want specific answers to specific questions.  We have vetted all the answers given for quality.

We hope that parents find the 11 Plus guide useful.