11 Plus NVR Exams 11 Plus Guide

11 Plus Non- Verbal Reasoning Exam Preparation

Non-Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus Exams are reasonably standard around the country. While they are set by a variety of publishers someone who can do well in one set of exams is likely to be able to do well in others- the skills required are the same or very similar.

In this section we have tried to help parents overcome two of the biggest challenges with home preparation- what materials to use and what to do when.

You’ll find we have made suggestions on what to use in years three, four and five and these recommendations are coupled with our free preparation guides for each area.

Core 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning preparation issue

Preparation for this part of the test cannot be seen in isolation. If children spend more time in this area they will spend less time in others.

Non-Verbal Reasoning is relatively straight forward to prepare for but many parents spend too long on it which limits improvements which can be made in other areas.

We’ll be urging you to do the right Non-Verbal Reasoning at the right time.