Maths Scholarship Question Resources

This section is for those children who are:

  1. Extremely able in Maths
  2. Are sitting a super-selective 11 Plus Grammar School Exam or
  3. Are sitting a very competitive Independent School entry test AND are trying for a scholarship or bursary.

As a word of warning: Please do remember that where children are still making silly little mistakes within calculations it is likely to be far more beneficial for them to focus on core skills and the KS2 syllabus than it will be for them to move ahead.

There is little point in moving onto more advanced material unless children are consistently scoring over 95% in 11 Plus Standard timed tests.

It is also very important to note that moving onto this material will only be beneficial where Independent School exams are being considered or where children are sitting in one of the super-selective grammar schools.

Recommended resources for Independent School exams

For the most part, children who are sitting an Independent School Exam will be doing so in January (having perhaps sat an 11 Plus Grammar School test in September). During October/November/December they will be looking for something to do to ensure their skills continue to develop. In this case, we’d suggest children move onto these resources which offer the best preparation for your child.

Recommended Resources

For most children, this Maths Stretch and Revision Course is going to be perfect for this period of preparation as it touches all the bases. It really tests and improves a child’s core skills (helping them not to drop marks with silly mistakes), it revises the core topics many children struggle with, it delivers lots of timed tests to keep exam skills sharp and it looks in depth at the types of more difficult questions Independent School tests often include to separate scholars from the rest. It’s good value at £15 and fits perfectly into this space.

Alternatively, if children are already scoring very highly on 11 Plus tests and not dropping marks and want to just focus on the more difficult question types then we would recommend the books below (all three will cost about £30). Be aware though that many children focus too much on the difficult questions but drop marks on the easier ones. Our advice is always to not move on until you are able to score 100% consistently on the easier questions.

11 Plus Super-Selective Maths Questions Book 1

11 Plus Super-Selective Maths Questions Book 2

11 Plus Super –Selective Maths Questions Book 3

Moving beyond the KS2 syllabus

Throughout this site our advice is to recommend to parents that they do not stray beyond the KS2 syllabus. We make this recommendation simply because in most cases no questions will be asked which are outside the syllabus.

There are two exceptions to this – super-selective Grammar Schools and Independent Schools.

Even so it is not going to be beneficial to move beyond the KS2 syllabus until a child is scoring extremely highly in standard 11 Plus tests.

Independent School Scholarship Questions

Remember that when children sit for Independent School  11 plus exams, schools use the same paper to assess children for standard entry or for scholarship or bursaries. 90% of each paper will contain questions you would expect to find in any KS2 syllabus exam. It is only the last few questions which are more difficult and require children to think innovatively. Remember that you cannot question spot these sorts of questions but what you can do is to try to introduce children to the requirement to see each question as a challenge and give them the confidence that they can use the skills they have to unlock the answers.