Lincolnshire 11 Plus Exam Papers and Books

Schools this advice applies to:

Boston High School           Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Alford

Bourne Grammar School  Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Horncastle

Caistor Grammar School   Queen Elizabeth’s High School Gainsborough

Carre’s Grammar School     Skegness Grammar School

Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School     Spalding Grammar School

Kesteven and Sleaford High School     Spalding High School

King Edward VI Academy         Boston Grammar School

King Edward VI Grammar School      The King’s School Grantham

What materials to buy and developing a preparation plan are the biggest challenges parents face

For Lincolnshire, just like any other area, one of the core challenges families face when preparing at home is what materials to use and how to structure work. Using a Guided 11 Plus course can help because all the work and the schedule is prepared for you, but if the decision has been made to use books then we can help in two ways:

We can help you through our FREE 11 Plus subject preparation guides. These are tailored to each area and let you know what to do, when to do it and how to structure your work. Most parents find this a useful starting point.

Secondly we have produced recommended resource lists which run alongside our preparation guide advice.

What to do next – How to access the FREE 11 Plus preparation guides

In Lincolnshire the Grammar Schools have the same exam. The Exam is written by GL and involves two papers. To access our advice, click on each subject in turn. You’ll find a guide on each subject to download and a resource list. All resources have been reviewed by us for suitability.  Caistor Grammar School only uses Verbal Reasoning.

Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning