Grammar School Test Areas

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Looking for your nearest grammar school ?

What we have done is to logically group all the Grammar Schools into the geographic groups which makes most sense. Typically people search for ‘grammar schools near me’ and the pages we have put together should help you find your nearest grammar school quickly.

Where one county or city has two or more different testing regimes then we have split these up so that you can see which schools use the same types of tests. This is why for instance we have listed several London Boroughs rather than just group all schools in Greater London.

Please do browse the areas you are interested in to see what the 11 Plus might mean for your child.

You will find information on the area, the tests involved, application criteria and individual information on each individual school.

Guidance on 11 Plus Exam Preparation

If you are unsure about what your options are then please go through to the page on 11 Plus exam preparation which will help explain the four main options parents have.

If you are sure you want to prepare your child at home then our sections on 11 Plus exam preparation by Area will help you to see which materials we recommend you use during the preparation process.

Many questions on the quirks of individual areas have often already been answered in our 11 Plus forum area.

Recommended Resources

If you’d like to prepare at home then we provide Free Preparation Guides within our Exam Papers and Books section.  Here you’ll not only find the books we recommend you to use but also information about using structured courses at home. This takes away some of the hassle involved with choosing what to do and when to do it.