11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Preparation – Year 5

A list of schools/areas this advice applies to is at the bottom of the page.

VR Preparation Year 5 11 Plus Guide

Skills development and exam preparation – Year 5 

If preparing at home you have a choice between:

1. Using a structured course
2. Using books

In summary, if you choose a structured course all the planning is done for you, everything is included and you just have to print it out and do it. On the other hand, if you choose to buy books you would need to do the planning yourself and decide what to do when.

Please download our FREE 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning preparation guide which gives detailed explanations of how to structure a preparation programme at home and how to use the resources we have recommended below.

1. Using Structured Courses For Preparation

ⓘ Editor’s Pick – Learning Street’s Complete 11 Plus Programme offers excellent coverage of all elements needed for the 11 Plus exam. They also provide a version covering just the Vocabulary, English and Verbal Reasoning elements of the complete programme if you do not need coverage of maths and non-verbal reasoning.

If you have less time available before the exam, try the medium length course (approximately 20 weeks) or the short course (approximately 10 weeks).  


2. Using Books for Preparation

Step Zero (see guide) – Vocabulary development throughout the preparation process 

ⓘ Editor’s Pick- Learning Street- Complete Vocabulary Course or Vocabulary Enhance or Vocabulary Boost 


elevenplusexams – 11+ Vocabulary in Context – Level 2

elevenplusexams – 11+ Vocabulary in Context – Level 3

elevenplusexams – 11+ Vocabulary in Context – Level 4

Kit’s Educational Publishing – Complete Graded Spelling lists for years one to six

Step One (see guide) – Introductory phase

Use one of the four following books

IPS – Verbal Reasoning Method and Technique

CGP – Verbal Reasoning Study Book

Bond – How to do Verbal Reasoning

Step Two (see guide) – Familiarisation

Use some of the following books

CGP – Verbal Reasoning 10/11 – The 11 Plus Practice Book

CGP  – 10 Minute Tests

Step Three (see guide) –  Initial testing and exam technique development

Use some of the following books

Bond – 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers 10/11 Book 1, Book 2

Letts – 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers 10/11

Step Four (see guide) – Exam skills development using 11 Plus standard tests

ⓘ Editor’s Pick- GL Assesment- Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus Multiple Choice Pack 1,  Multiple Choice Pack 2 and Multiple Choice Pack 3

AND/OR Use some of the following books

IPS – Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus Practice Papers – Dual Format

CGP – Multiple Choice Verbal Reasoning Test Papers

Letts 11+ Success Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers


Schools/areas this advice applies to:

Berkshire Reading – all schools – apart from Reading Grammar School

Buckinghamshire – all schools

Dorset – all schools

Essex – all schools – apart from Chelmsford County High School for Girls

Gloucestershire – all schools

Greater Manchester – all schools – apart from Sale Grammar School and Urmiston Grammar Academy

Hertfordshire South West – all schools

Hertfordshire – all schools

Kent Medway – all schools

Kent – all schools

Lancashire – all schools

London Kingston-upon-Thames – all schools

London Redbridge – all schools

Wiltshire – all schools

Yorkshire Calderdale – all schools

Yorkshire North – all schools

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School – Cumbria

Newstead Wood School – London Bromley