Recommended 11 Plus Publishers

There are increasing numbers of books available on 11 Plus subjects. We try to review most of those that come out and include those which we think are valuable.

We have identified a number of publishers which we want to recognise with special focus pages. We do this simply because some parents get terribly confused by the myriad of resources available and just want to find a publisher and stick to them. Equally while many of our recommended books in our recommended work programmes come from these publishers we cannot feature them all so this is an opportunity to include more of their products.

(Please note to retain our independence we have absolutely no commercial relationship with any of these publishers and while we are paid a small sum when our customers buy books that we have recommended we have resisted the opportunity to cash in and run our own bookshop as it would compromise our independence)

While we wouldn’t say these are the only publishers currently worthy of consideration we would suggest a degree of caution when dealing with others, especially new publishers some of whom have little background in the 11 Plus and are, to a degree, producing titles for the mass market , many of which are either littered with mistakes or have inappropriate content (difficulty level is normally the issue- especially titles which promise stretch but then go on to introduce material which would never come up in any 11 Plus Exam).

Recommended 11 Plus Publishers

The publishers we feature are: (other publishers of merit may appear in our recommendations on a case by case basis)

Bond 11 Plus books

CGP 11 Plus books

Letts 11 Plus books

Schofield and Sims