Free 11+ Practice Papers

Free 11 + practice papers are useful to help parents see what standard of test their child might face when doing the 11 Plus exam.

In this section, we have drawn together a number of free test paper resources which are available to download and we have also included some links to other sources of free Eleven Plus exam papers which you may find useful.

Free 11+ Papers

Free 11+ Maths Exam Papers

Free 11+ English Exam Papers

Free 11+ Plus Verbal Reasoning Exam Papers

Free 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Exam Papers

Free 11+ CEM Exam Papers

Free 11+ CEM Verbal Reasoning Exam Questions

Free 11+ Independent School Exam Papers

Using Books and Resources Together

While we provide these past papers for free, we do not recommend solely using papers for preparation as your child will not develop and is very unlikely to pass the 11+ exam. Instead, should you decide to use books for preparation, we suggest using our recommended books for the best possible preparation for the exam. You can find our recommended books on each subject on the menu on the left or through the following links: English Exams, Maths Exams, VR Exams and NVR exams.

Past Paper Providers

Real past papers are difficult to find and in some cases impossible. Below is a brief breakdown of what is available.

GL 11+ papers– GL papers are used in lots of areas such as Kent and in very many individual schools such as QE Boys. GL do not issue past papers but they do publish sample papers which will give you a very good feel for the type and standard of questions they ask.

CEM 11+  past papers– CEM do not issue past papers, nor do they issue full sample papers. Don’t bother wasting time looking for them, they don’t exist. What does exist however are some sample papers derived from the sample questions CEM do issue and exit interviews with children and these form the basis of current practice papers.

Independent School 11+ papers– Often schools produce their own Maths and English papers and past papers are often available. In fact, we include many of them on the site. Where schools use Verbal Reasoning or Non-Verbal reasoning these tend to be bought in either from CEM, GL or ISEB.