Free Sample 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Papers with Answers

While using the odd free paper is not going to result in a successful 11 Plus Preparation exercise for the vast majority of families, free 11 plus tests do have a role to play in helping parents decide what to buy or to aid their understanding of what is included in the 11+.

Free GL 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tests

The papers below are all sourced from the upper rank of publishers so you can be sure they are good quality and will help your child. If you like the papers then please do feel free to go to our eleven plus publishers section and source materials from these publishers and others which we recommend.

The tests at the bottom of the page are all appropriate for GL written exams which includes the grammar schools in Kent and any area using GL tests.

Wider preparation beyond just using exam papers

While we have an extensive list of free 11 plus papers you can download at the bottom of this page, it is important to remember that wider preparation is essential.

To review the books that we suggest you use during your preparation, then try some of these links:

11+ Verbal Reasoning Papers for Independent Schools

These free verbal reasoning papers would also be useful for anyone doing an Independent School Verbal Reasoning test which tend to use GL unless stated otherwise. Independent Schools tend to use GL rather than CEM because they tend to also have their own school written English paper. As the CEM Verbal reasoning test tends to have large crossovers with English so Independent Schools currently tend to use GL for their  verbal Reasoning tests.

Bond 11 Plus Verbal reasoning paper

Bond 11 Plus Verbal reasoning paper answers

CGP 11 Plus Assessment Test VR

CGP 11 Plus Assessment Test VR Answers

IPS GL Verbal Reasoning Sample Paper

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Papers – CEM Tests

CEM Verbal Reasoning Tests are unlike other tests because they include a large crossover with wider literacy skills. The verbal reasoning tests below are from a highly reputable publisher and while CEM do not issue verbal reasoning sample tests themselves, this will give you a good idea of what to expect.

CGP 11 Plus CEM Verbal Reasoning Paper

CGP 11 Plus CEM VR Answer Sheet

CGP 11 Plus CEM VR Answers

Bond CEM 11 Plus Practice test

Bond CEM 11 Plus Practice test answers