CEM 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Question Type 2- CLOZE vocabulary text

In these questions children are given a short passage of text. Throughout the text certain words will have had letters removed. The task for children is to use their vocabulary knowledge, spelling skills and their reasoning skills to fill in the missing letters.

Reasoning skills are relevant here because while some words will come to them instantly others they will need to deduce by using the context of the word (the text) to help them understand what it might be. The example passage we have sourced comes with an explanation which shows how children might use reasoning skills to help them to the correct answer.

There really is not a lot of technique involved with these types of questions and equally doing passage after passage won’t deliver much of an improvement after the first three or four have been done. Really the only way to improve with these questions is for children to enlarge their vocabulary, improve their spelling skills and read more.

Free CEM 11 Plus Cloze vocabulary test- text, answers and brief explanation.