Transfer Test in Northern Ireland

While the 11 Plus in Northern Ireland has ceased there is currently a different selection process. In essence what has happened is that introducing a ‘one size fits’ all comprehensive system into Northern Ireland was politically impossible.  The people of Northern Ireland didn’t want it and so a selective system was maintained and is the same as the 11 Plus grammar school system in all but name.

Children in Northern Ireland primary schools will sit exams to go to their next secondary school. Through the selection process roughly the top 20 – 25% of pupils will go into what was the Grammar School 11 Plus system.

The transfer test in Northern Ireland is split into two areas:

Click through for detailed information on the test in each area and information on which schools fall into which area.

This site also holds free sample test paper information on each area and we also have put together a suggested preparation plan including what to do when and what books to use.

The transfer test selective exam in Northern Ireland

Remember that the transfer test selection process in Northern Ireland is not designed to catch children out. The exam is based on the curriculum and aims to select the brightest children regardless of their background.

That said of course parents can help their children to improve throughout their primary education and research has shown that the best results are attained where engaged parents help their children in addition to good teaching within schools. Due to the nature of the test helping children over a prolonged period will deliver the best results, however, some last minute help with practice papers can also result in some improvement.