Warwickshire South Grammar Schools – 11 Plus Applications and Admissions Process

Applications and Admissions – Information Gathering.

1/ Think about what Grammar Schools you qualify for. Parents should ask schools if not entirely sure. It is important to fully understand what impact the individual catchment area of each school has. Some schools have no catchment area, others have very tightly defined areas.

2/ In addition to your chosen Grammar School (s) it is advisable to fully understand which comprehensive schools might provide another option. At this point also consider local Independent Schools (many have generous bursaries or scholarships)

3/ Visit each school if you can. Many will allow an individual visit during term time, others only show the school on open days.

4/ While the aim for many families is for their child to go to the local Grammar School it is important to recognise that presenting this as the main/only option adds unnecessarily to pressure and stress. Undue pressure more often than not leads to failure.

We would suggest that the method that has worked for most parents is to have a list of schools and while the child or the parents might prefer one over another, if everyone knows there are viable options and the world will not stop turning if the 11 Plus doesn’t work then this relieves pressure. and stress


Application and test process for the Warwickshire South 11 Plus Test

Apply to sit the 11 Plus test – You will need to apply. Deadline last week in June.

Test date – The test date is normally in the 1st week in September.

Test results – Results will come out in the middle of October. If registration was online these will be emailed.

Common application form deadline – End of October (after results have been communicated).

Allocation of a place – Notification at the beginning of March (1st week in March).

Acceptance of a place – 3rd week in March.