London Bromley Grammar Schools

London grammar schools with an 11 Plus entry are split into seven distinct areas. One of these is Bromley.

There are two Grammar Schools in Bromley:

Newstead Wood School

St Olave’s Grammar School

As London only has partial provision of Grammar School places competition for places is high.

London – Bromley- Choosing your new Grammar school

Parents should check with each school for their admissions criteria because these do change frequently. In some cases Grammar Schools will have geographic restrictions on who can apply and in others they are open entry. Often Parents will want to apply to more than one school if they are eligible to ensure they give their child the best chance of a place.

Do visit any school you are thinking of with your child. Try and visit more than one if it is relevant for you to get a feel of how they differ. We would also advise you to visit the local comprehensive school as well because it is useful to get a feeling for any differences between the two systems. Most schools have open days so ask the school for the dates (most are in the late spring or early summer).

We do have some more detailed information on our London – Bromley 11 Plus admissions and applications pages

11 Plus Age adjusted results in Bromley

Where exams are set by GL these are age adjusted, this is done to ensure younger children are not disadvantaged. The difference varies by paper and by year but if there is a year gap then the oldest children would need to score roughly 10% more to get the same result as someone a year younger than them.

Where exams are school written, these cannot be age adjusted. It is as well to be aware of this when helping your child. It means that younger children will have to be more advanced for their age than older children because they will not benefit from age adjustment.

Preparation for the London Bromley 11 Plus test

If you’d like to understand what the London Bromley exam involves then please go through to our page on the London Bromley 11 Plus Exam Format

If you’d like more information on how to prepare your child for the test and when to start then have a look at our London Bromley 11 Plus preparation page which will help you to find your way through the options.

List of Grammar Schools in other areas

Sometimes parents want to look at more than one area and even consider moving home as part of their schools planning exercise. We have lots of lists of Grammar Schools. Two that might interest you are below:

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