Free 11 Plus English Exam Papers

Doing practice papers form an essential part of any preparation activity. We have put together a selection of Free 11 Plus English exam papers which you can download and use. The English Exam papers are real tests used in 11 Plus selections for a variety of Independent Schools. If you are trying for an Independent School anywhere in the country then doing a variety of these tests will be perfect for you.

If you are going to sit a Grammar School test then we’d still recommend using these tests although you need not do the creative writing parts of the tests unless your target school has a written test ( very rare). You will find the comprehension tests are ideally suited for 11 Plus preparation because they are timed and tend to use difficult comprehension texts. Equally because the tests are set by a variety of different author’s children will be preparing flexibly which will help them a great deal.

Question format of the Free 11 Plus English exam papers

These papers are all standard format not multiple choice. Children develop well when they do standard format papers because they need to develop their own opinions rather than choose options. Children who have trained using standard format typically do better at multiple choice than those who have exclusively used multiple choice. Particularly they tend to perform better on those multiple choice questions where there are four options which are all correct but children need to find the best match.

What score should children be looking for in these free 11 Plus English exam papers?

Children generally should be looking to score over 75% when doing these papers at the end of year 5, they will then improve further over the summer. Some children who haven’t been exposed to classic texts might find them particularly difficult. Children trying for more competitive grammar school entries or for scholarships or bursaries should aim for over 85%.

Independent School 11 Plus English papers

These papers have been sourced from high performing independent schools and as such children can expect to find them challenging. As a mix of tests they will expose children to the range of skills they will need to tackle classic comprehension texts  and core English skills tests. Children will also get a good idea of the breadth of vocabulary they will need. As such these papers will also be useful for children sitting grammar school entry tests- particularly because they contain complicated comprehension texts and advanced vocabulary. 

Dulwich College 11 Plus English exam paper A

Dulwich College 11 Plus English exam paper B


Emanuel School 11 Plus English exam paper 1


Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School 11 Plus English exam paper A


North London Independent Girls’ School 11 Plus English exam paper A

                Also download paper A passage


St Paul’s Girls’ School 11 Plus English exam paper 2

St Paul’s Girls’ School 11 Plus English comprehension exam paper 2


The King’s School Chester 11 Plus English comprehension paper

                Also download passage

11 Plus English Exam Papers

The following papers are more focussed on the 11 Plus test for grammar school entry- although equally they will still be useful for Independent School entry preparation. The tests are particularly useful for children sitting GL written tests but will also be useful where children face school written tests ( Essex) or where they face CEM exams. The comprehension tests in these papers are not markedly different from the comprehension tests children will face in CEM tests and the vocabulary will be useful to cover.

Bond 11 Plus English Sample Test

Bond 11 Plus English Test Answers

CGP 11 Plus Assessment Test English

CGP 11 Plus Assessment Test English Answers

CGP 11 Plus Assessment Test English Answersheet