11 Plus Maths Papers fall into four broad categories

1/ GL/NFER Maths tests

2/ CEM Numerical reasoning maths tests.

3/ Grammar school written maths tests.

4/ Independent school written maths tests.

Whichever test you are doing the paper will be focussed on the Maths children will learn at Primary School and will not stray beyond the KS2 syllabus (apart from a few scholarship questions at the end on Independent School Exams).

In this section we have aimed to provide lots of interesting information which we hope will help parents get a good overview of the 11 Plus Maths topic.

What do 11 Plus Maths tests include?

11 Plus Maths preparation mistakes

11 Plus Maths common exam mistakes

Years 3 and 4 11 Plus Maths preparation

Year 5 11 Plus Maths preparation

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