GL 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Exam

The GL 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning exam is viewed as a traditional Verbal Reasoning test. The GL 11 Plus exam focusses on  the 21 different verbal reasoning question types (plus variants).

No changes to question types year to year (although not every type appears in every paper)

Question types published and intense work possible to refine technique.

Progress is possible if focus is placed on the individual question types although this will be limited by vocabulary breadth (not every child regardless of vocabulary breadth will be able to score highly).

If children do focus on technique and are reasonably intelligent then every child should be able to get to 65/70%. Progress beyond this level will depend on the breadth of a child’s vocabulary. Most children have scores at home which will plateau at 80-85%. Further progress will require a broader vocabulary. Over 50% of mistakes on this test are made on ‘vocabulary’ questions which require little technique.