CEM 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Exam

The CEM 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning exam is confusingly named, it is actually a mix between a normal English exam and a traditional Verbal Reasoning test.

– Some vocabulary questions (opposites and synonyms) which are similar to GL questions on these topics.

– Often contains two comprehension sections (similar to those found in most English 11 Plus papers).

– Often contains CLOZE questions (passages with words or parts of words missing- tests comprehension ability, spelling and breadth of vocabulary).

– Sometimes contains shuffled sentences (sentences with the word order radically altered, the task is either to order the words correctly or identify a word which doesn’t belong to the sentence).

– Sometimes contains grammar and punctuation questions (these are of the type normally found in English papers).

It is very difficult to coach a child on technique for the CEM 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning exam Those children who do best will have a very wide vocabulary and will probably have been reading widely for a  good while.


Most mistakes on CEM 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning tests are made simply because children do not have a wide enough vocabulary.