Ks2 English Syllabus Topics

While the 11 Plus exam differs around the country with some entries being school written, some using GL or CEM  it’s always useful to remember that children who do well with the core KS2 English syllabus often do well in an exam. They can often read with greater fluency and speed which naturally leads them to be able to work more quickly in an exam and deal with the variety of  texts they may face. Children who have done well in KS2 will also have better technical ability which for some exam areas like Sutton is very important.

We are developing a page which will lead you to free KS2 English Syllabus topics so that if there’s anything you are struggling with or need some reminder of then just click the link and get free information. We are deliberately choosing links which require no downloads or registration as we know this can be frustrating.

List of KS2 English Syllabus Links

Just find the KS2 English topic you want some more information on and click the link.


What is a preposition

What is a phoneme

What is a determiner

What is a common noun

What are time connectives

What are suffixes

What are prefixes

What are fronted adverbials

How to improve creative writing

What is personification

What is exaggeration

What is an adverbial phrase

What is an adjective

What is a subordinate clause

What is a simile

What is a relative clause

What is a proper noun

What is a pronoun

What is a metaphor

What is a clause

What are powerful verbs