Homophones and 11 Plus Spelling

Homophones are words which sound the same but which are spelt differently and have different meanings. They are always used in verbal reasoning tests and under the stress and pressure of the day many children can make mistakes. Many homophones are also quite complex and are used to see which children have a wider vocabulary than others.

There are literally hundreds of homophones or near homophones. Often you’ll find once children have understood what they are, they naturally improve. The danger is that under the exam stress of the day children begin to second guess themselves. Have a look at these 11 Plus Homophones , many of which have come up in past tests. Why not set them as a test for your child.

Homophones List

Write a sentence to reflect the correct meaning for each of these pairs of words

Dissent, descent

Bridal, bridle

Prise, prize

Pore, pour

Flair, flare

Due, dew

Hangar, hanger

Bale, bail

Roe, row

Loot, lute

Sheer, shear

Leek, leak

Oar, awe

Your child will come across lots of homophones in their reading , some families find it useful to make notes of some of the more difficult ones as they emerge.

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