What is included in 11 Plus Maths Tests?

Broadly speaking 11 Plus Maths tests will not test knowledge which goes beyond the primary school maths syllabus.

To that end you can expect questions on any aspect of the syllabus.

The core point to remember is that this will include topics that children will not tackle until they are in year six so preparation does need to move ahead of where a child might be at school. Tutors and Tuition Centres and Guided courses have this moving ahead built into their programmes , but if you are preparing at home using books you will need to ensure you have covered enough ground by the time the exam comes round.

Some parents with children who are bright at Maths take this moving forward aspect too far and go beyond the KS2 syllabus. This is rarely the right thing to do and more often than not is counter-productive. There’s absolutely no point in being further ahead than you need to be. If children are advanced then use the spare time to focus on their literacy or VR or NVR skills, vocabulary can always be improved.

Where children are sitting Independent school exams and are hoping for a scholarship or bursary then they will find two or three questions at the end of the paper which are more difficult. These questions do not necessarily require children to have more skills than are required in KS2 but they will demand that children can think on their feet.