What is CEM numerical reasoning?

Numerical reasoning is what the CEM testing body call Maths. In actual fact their questions can range from straight calculation questions (e.g. 127 x 435) with no reasoning involved, through to the standard type of worded problems that will appear on most papers.

They will also include some questions which for instance might require children to work out how to get a missing piece of information to complete a calculation (a two-step problem), but in essence any child who has covered the KS2 syllabus well, has good calculation skills and sound grasp of the times tables should not  have too many problems.

As you never really know what will come up it is a good idea to do some papers from a range of 11 Plus Maths exam publishers to ensure skills are flexible enough to adapt.

See our page on CEM Maths Preparation to understand what publications are best suited to learning and testing.