Maths- KS2 Syllabus Topic Guide

With the 11 Plus it’s often useful to remember that exams do not stray far off the KS2 syllabus in terms of complexity. Any child who is performing well within the KS2 syllabus in Maths is in a good place as far as 11 Plus exams go. There are of course a few questions at the end of Independent School papers which will stretch children but these are there to differentiate between scholars and the pack . Many families make the mistake of focusing too much on Maths and not recognising that a good performance will not make up for a weakness in the literacy topics which usually carry the most marks.

KS2 Maths Topic Guide

We’ve designed this topic guide to help parents and children refresh their memory on the key topics. it is something we will build over time and what we are trying to do is find links for you which explain the topics but also don’t require email addresses and registration which can be rather annoying. Please browse through the links below when you need help understanding a topic or use them to aid revision.

What is the radius

What is the perimeter

What is the diameter

What is the chunking method

What is long division

What is a tally chart

What is a number square

What is a number line

What is a factor

What are the properties of 2d and 3d shapes

What are the names of 2d and 3d shapes

What are prime numbers

Learning the 9 times table

Learning the 8 times table

Learning the 7 times table

Learning the 6 times table

Learning the 5 times table

Learning the 4 times table

Learning the 3 times table

What is the highest common factor

What is partitioning

What is BODMAS

What are square numbers