11 Plus Vocabulary

11 Plus vocabulary development is probably the most important aspect of any 11 Plus preparation exercise and is also the most misunderstood.

Vocabulary development should include not only a large breadth of words but also accurate spelling skills and attention to detail.

Many parents don’t do enough vocabulary development because there are very few good books on the subject and little understanding of how to go about the process. We are going to try and help demystify the whole vocabulary development process and help families prepare properly for the 11 Plus exam.

We have split our advice into the six elements below:

Why is vocabulary development so important for 11 Plus success

How children develop a wide vocabulary for 11 Plus

The Vocabulary development process- what to do and what to use to help your child

Important vocabulary for 11 plus exams – 500+ words derived from GL exams, CEM exams, publishers, Independent School exams and including the 100 most commonly misspelt words.

11 plus Vocabulary book reviews and recommendations.

Reading classic books helps boost vocabulary