11 Plus Vocabulary

11 Plus vocabulary development is probably the most important aspect of any 11 Plus preparation exercise and is also the most misunderstood.

Vocabulary development should include not only a large breadth of words but also accurate spelling skills and attention to detail.

Many parents don’t do enough vocabulary development because there are very few good books on the subject and little understanding of how to go about the process. We are going to try and help demystify the whole vocabulary development process and help families prepare properly for the 11 Plus exam.

Classic Books Vocabulary

One of the key reasons that children benefit from reading classic books in preparation for their 11 Plus exam is that they will encounter vocabulary that they may not otherwise encounter. Find our advice on Classic Books and an extensive list and summary of the best Classic Books on this page.

How children develop a wide vocabulary?

It important to understand how children develop a wide vocabulary in order to ensure the work done is the best possible and time isn’t just being wasted. You can find our advice here as well as a free PDF summarising a child’s vocabulary development.

Vocabulary Development Plan

Find a step-by-step plan for developing your child’s vocabulary to the standard to pass the 11 Plus exam as well as further advice such as vocabulary development games and suggestions to stretch your child. You can also find our popular 11 Plus Vocabulary List on this page.

11 Plus Vocabulary Books and Reviews

There are very few books that focus solely on vocabulary development and more often than not our experience is that parents can sometimes be persuaded to buy the wrong book at the wrong time. This section is intended to help parents make the right choices when buying books to help vocabulary development.

11 Plus Vocabulary Development

Find out why vocabulary development is so important for 11 plus success and the types of areas in the exam where having a well-developed vocabulary can make a big difference to marks.

11 Plus Vocabulary List

Find the link to our hugely popular and successful free 11 Plus Vocabulary List on this page. There is also information on how to use the list for the best development and why it is important.