CEM Non-Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus Exam

CEM Non-Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus tests are included in most areas where CEM sets the exam. Normally CEM exams involve two 45 minute papers containing a mixture of topics. You can normally expect Non-Verbal Reasoning to be included in one of the papers but not both. Non-Verbal Reasoning tends to account for fewest marks on any CEM test out of any topic.

What type of questions are included in CEM Non-Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus exams

CEM Non-Verbal Reasoning questions will look at little different to GL tests but in essence they are covering the same set of skills. CEM always try and ask questions in ways pupils may not have seen before but the skills required will be the same as for other tests. Children do need to learn flexibly to ensure they have the capacity to adapt on the day to whichever question format is set. Most children find this easy if they go through the right preparation for their Non-Verbal Reasoning tests – see our guides.

Preparation for CEM tests can be overdone, there will be limited value in doing paper after paper (research shows in fact that in these sorts of tests doing too many papers can be counter-productive). Children will find most benefit (once familiarisation is complete) in building up their speed and accuracy and activities to promote this (rather than just doing test papers) will produce most benefit.

Be aware that children who spend too long on Non-Verbal Reasoning may well be taking valuable time away from other areas.

Remember Non-Verbal Reasoning has fewest questions in the whole test. See our CEM Non-Verbal Reasoning preparation guide if in any doubt of what to do when.