11 Plus Maths for Independent Schools.

Anyone who has done a proper preparation for a GL/NFER 11 Plus Maths test or a CEM 11 Plus Maths test will find they are capable of doing well on an Independent School set test.

It is worth spending more time doing problem solving type questions.

It is worth downloading some Independent School published tests to have some variety (go to the page on Independent school tests to find links to some useful downloads)

Finally if you are a parent who is hoping for a scholarship there is some specific advice we can offer you. Independent Schools often have a few questions at the end which are designed to really stretch children. They use these to sort out the scholars from the rest as part of a process involving other test results/interview/school report etc.

What they are looking for with these questions is essentially how you approach them. If children have a good go and show by their working that they are part of the way there that will go to their credit. Some of the questions we have seen would very rarely be answered correctly by a child.

The best way to get a feel for these sorts of questions is to look through the 11 Plus past papers we have suggested and we also have an area in our preparation section that deals with Independent School Maths scholarship resources.