11 Plus Verbal Reasoning exam preparation in year five

Year five is a good time to start 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning exam preparation.

By the time children have reached year five we hope they will have been reading for at least half an hour per night for a year or so.

If they have developed a wide vocabulary then year five is a good time to look at 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning technique development.

We suggest a period of time is spent understanding the key question types. Once that work is done learning will need to be embedded by doing a number of short untimed tests. Once that process has finished then children can work on some easier timed tests (to teach them to work quickly and accurately enough). Only when children are scoring very high marks on the easier tests would it be appropriate to move them into 11 Plus standard tests for the final phase.

Throughout this period children should continue to work on developing their vocabulary by reading every day and continuing with spelling and spelling exercises. Parents should see by the concentration of mistakes in the vocabulary area how important this work is.