What is the pass mark for the 11 Plus in Medway?

There is no specific pass mark for the 11 Plus for Medway.  Being a competitive test the schools will take the top pupils who apply (subject to their own admissions criteria). We do know that the schools do not require pupils to reach a minimum level in all disciplines as happens in some other areas.

Most parents ask this question because they want some guidance on how their child might be doing at home. Most parents wonder if the marks being achieved at home are anywhere near the standard required. With decades of experience we’d suggest that children scoring 80%-85% at home are beginning to get into the right zone. Typically children will perform much worse on the day due to nerves or lack of stamina but their scores at home will be an indication of their ability. Remember that children who are old for their year vs children who are young may have to perform 5% better to do as well once scores have been age adjusted and standardised.