What is the 11 Plus exam format in Calderdale?

Crossley Heath Grammar School

The North Halifax Grammar School

All schools will set the same test. It involves a Verbal Reasoning paper set by GL, a school written Maths paper and a school set English paper that includes a comprehension and creative writing.

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Which 11 Plus Exam Preparation Options Are Right For You ?

11 Plus Private Tutors

  • Personalised Work
  • 1-1
  • High feedback levels


  • VERY Expensive
  • Lots of work at home
  • Lots of travel

11 Plus Tuition Centres

  • Structured work
  • Third party involvement
  • Some feedback


  • Some children don't progress
  • Lots of work at home
  • Lots of travel

11 Plus Guided Courses

  • Structured work provided
  • No wasted time
  • Help and advice on hand


  • High parental commitment
  • Cost higher than DIY

11 Plus DIY- Books

  • Parents in full control
  • Work can be totally tailored
  • Lowest cost


  • Difficult to plan well
  • Difficult to deliver well
  • Maximum parental effort