CEM 11 Plus Sample Questions

One of the reasons many areas have chosen CEM as a supplier is that they feel children have been training for particular question types and that this is skewing results. CEM have aimed to get round this by not publishing past papers , not publishing papers for sale, and reserving the right to change the content of papers without notice.

They have also achieved this objective by designing many question types which involve very little technique to answer. As an example their shuffled/jumbled sentences questions involve very little technique and are very difficult to train for specifically, however children who have developed great comprehension skills through reading are bound to be better at these tests than others.

Preparation for CEM is still of course highly beneficial but it needs to focus on core skills because doing paper after paper will be of very limited help. CEM also produce a range of information material for each area. We have grouped together these information booklets in one area so that you can see a mix of CEM questions (there are not huge differences between areas).

Please go to our section on Free CEM Exam questions to review the published material.

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    Which 11 Plus Exam Preparation Options Are Right For You ?

    11 Plus Private Tutors

    • Personalised Work
    • 1-1
    • High feedback levels


    • VERY Expensive
    • Lots of work at home
    • Lots of travel

    11 Plus Tuition Centres

    • Structured work
    • Third party involvement
    • Some feedback


    • Some children don't progress
    • Lots of work at home
    • Lots of travel

    11 Plus Guided Courses

    • Structured work provided
    • No wasted time
    • Help and advice on hand


    • High parental commitment
    • Cost higher than DIY

    11 Plus DIY- Books

    • Parents in full control
    • Work can be totally tailored
    • Lowest cost


    • Difficult to plan well
    • Difficult to deliver well
    • Maximum parental effort