What would a good NVR preparation regime look like?

Doing no more than one question type learning sheet and one set of questions related to that question type per week you could complete the ‘learning phase’ within 20 weeks (ten if you push it). This would allow you to continually bring question types back for consolidation and handle them in steadily increasing levels of complexity.

Then you will be ready to do some timed test papers (it’s absolutely pointless doing test papers until you have spent some time understanding the different question types).

For four weeks do one paper each week looking at easier questions. What you will be doing during this time is focussing on speed and accuracy. Once speed and accuracy is built up to the required level you will then be ready to move onto 11 + standard papers.

Most children who have had a good level of preparation should be able to get 90%+ on these papers in an UNTIMED situation. The differentiator factor is can they work quickly and accurately enough when a time limit is applied.

It is a good idea to divide these more difficult tests up. Do one six or ten minute test per day. This will get them used even more to the intensity they need to work out. Do this for four weeks.

Mistakes should be divided into… areas of plain mistakes (accuracy issues), areas of lack of knowledge (didn’t understand how to get to the answer), areas of timing (had to guess as ran out of time).

Where knowledge is weak, revision of that particular question type should happen. Where timing is weak more time needs to be spent understanding how to speed up. Lack of accuracy is the most difficult problem to solve although there are some techniques you can try.

You would now be something like 10-30 weeks into your preparation depending on how hard you have worked. You will now be ready for the final phase which is full scale timed tests.

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