How can we improve our 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Scores, We’ve reached a plateau?

It is commonly understood that there is a finite benefit to doing timed test papers and work on question types. Children will only improve to a certain degree.

There are only two ways this can be altered and they do not apply in all cases.


It is a common theme that some parents start getting excited and very congratulatory when their children start to get over 85%. In some cases they send the signal that this is good enough. It often isn’t and in some (but not all) cases children can improve further if parents set the bar enough. Many children who get over 85% often get 90% sometimes, they can do better. It is particularly the case that children who get over 90% should be pushing for 100%, they often have it within them. In the very competitive areas this can make all the difference.

It’s not always the case that children can improve but setting the bar too low doesn’t help.

Skills base

The core differentiator in any 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning test is breadth of vocabulary. If you have time then making sure reading is happening every evening and that you are doing some vocabulary based learning as part of your preparation will help. If they know how to approach the questions then the only thing that will help them advance further is a wider vocabulary.

Don’t flog away at papers just hoping things will get better… check technique… check timing…. Try different techniques to get them to identify mistakes (one such is to get them to mark their work and show you where they went wrong)…… in the end though children will do better if they approach these things with a positive attitude and a wide vocabulary.

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