How many timed VR tests should children be doing?

There are four critical points to remember.

Firstly that there is absolutely no point in doing tests unless you have learnt how to tackle the questions (this is less important for CEM VR tests where technique is less important). So learn technique first before doing tests.

Secondly remember that breadth of vocabulary is the key differentiator and children will reach a performance ceiling regardless of how many tests they do unless work is also built in to improve vocabulary.

Thirdly while some families become tempted to feed their children test after test after test in the hope of improvement this never works. Children should only be doing full length timed tests towards the end of their preparation. Doing the timed tests has been shown to be of finite benefit so do not overdo it. 1 per week for eight to twelve weeks would see most benefit coming through.

Finally if you overdo the tests and overdo the pressure this is likely to have a negative impact. Children will deliver of their best if they are relaxed, happy and confident when they go into the test. Far better to be in the right state of mind than to have done an extra ten test papers.

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