Nature of the 11 Plus in Essex.

FSCE Exam is used by Chelmsford county high school for girls.

CCHS  uses  the FSCE 11 Plus exam format. This test consists of three papers each varying in length.

Paper 1 is a 35 Minute long English Paper. This covers English Comprehension as well as technical English such as spelling and vocabulary. Paper 2 is a 40 Minute long Mathematics paper. This covers a 20 minute multiple choice section followed by a 20 minute free response section. Paper 3 is a 40 Minute long Creative Writing paper. This includes 10 minutes of planning time followed by 30 minutes of writing time

CSSE test for all other selective schools in Essex.

Points to note about the CSSE Exam. It traditionally has used quite difficult classic texts for comprehension , if children have not read these sorts of books they are likely to be surprised by the level of difficulty. The tests use a mix of Maths including calculation, worded and reasoning problems. The tests still use a mix of Verbal reasoning questions but these tend to be focussed on those VR types which test vocabulary. The tests have a small Non-VR element within them as well as having a creative writing section. This written element is short and only marked in certain circumstances. The CSSE exam overall is heavily weighted towards literacy skills.

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