Can  SATS predictions be used to estimate the chances of 11 Plus success ?

“ If my Child is on target for level 5 SATS does that mean he has a good chance of getting into a Grammar School”

Most children who go to a Grammar School will achieve a level 5 when they take their SATS test in year six. It is a good indicator that your child has the potential to thrive in a Grammar School environment. In some areas like Kent where there is full provision, the top 25% of children will get a place so chances will be good, in other areas where provision is lower children will have less chance. In the areas with low levels of provision and high competition children who are on target to get a level 5, who prepare well and who perform on the day can still do well. In these circumstances often how a child prepares and how they perform on the day are greater differentiators than their ability.

Remember that children who perform well at home may under-perform on the day due to pressure. Pressure is one of the core reasons some children get through and others don’t. In areas where there is less than full provision of Grammar School places pretty much every child who gets through would have been predicted a level 5, many would  be capable of level 6.

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