How many NVR timed tests should we do?

You need to do about six or eight of these. Beyond this level research has shown there will be limited benefit. Don’t overdo things as this can be counterproductive. If you have had a proper learning build up you should find performance starts high and stays high, be warned though not to necessarily expect scores to get better unless you can identify specific improvement areas. Just doing test after test won’t help children improve. One element you do need to watch though is to make sure your timed tests are at the right level. Some test areas ask children to work more quickly than others.

If you have been through a proper learning and testing exercise then towards the end the most effective thing you can do is build up confidence, make sure children are relaxed, well fed, relaxed and ready for the day. If you put them under stress then you will ruin all the preparation work you have done. Don’t ignore this area, many children go into these tests feeling an intolerable level of expectation is upon them, in only rare cases does high stress help children deliver to their full potential. We’d suggest avoiding doing last minute tests, they are more likely to be counterproductive than help.

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