List of Independent Schools in Greater Manchester

There are a range of independent schools in Greater Manchester covering mixed schools, schools for boys and schools for girls.

Below you’ll find a list of those schools that we have included which have entry into year 7 (11 Plus entry).

Greater Manchester Independent Schools accepting entry into year seven

Manchester High School for Girls

Manchester High School for Girls is an all girls school.

Manchester High School for Girls- 938 pupils.

“Manchester High School for Girls is one of the UK’s leading independent schools, offering academic excellence for students. At MHSG, artistic and sporting talents are nurtured and girls enjoy a diverse range of extra-curricular activities which are complemented by superb modern facilities. Committed staff ensure that every student leaves the school a confident and capable young woman.”

School Website:

St Bede’s College

St Bede’s College is a mixed school.

St Bede’s College- 708 pupils.

“St Bede’s College are a family school and everything that is done is based upon Gospel values. The pupils are taught to respect themselves and to respect and care for others. The staff take very seriously their responsibility to be a fundamental part of that development. The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum, with many options available as well as opportunities to develop outside the classroom.”

School Website:

Stockport Grammar School

Stockport Grammar School is a mixed school.

Stockport Grammar School- 1030 pupils.

“A leading co-educational school offering excellent academic standards and a wide range of extra-curricular activities to inspire every child. The children feel happy and secure and are treated as individuals in a caring community with a strong system of pastoral care. Superb facilities encourage learning both inside and outside the classroom.”

School Website:

The Manchester Grammar School

The Manchester Grammar School is a mixed school.

The Manchester Grammar School- 1521 pupils.

“The School proceeded to build a reputation as one of the country’s leading educational establishments, a position it still holds today as an independent day school. Much has changed in the intervening five hundred years, but their core mission to educate the brightest young men in the North of England regardless of their social, cultural, religious and financial background, has not. They aim to teach boys to think for themselves and to develop a life-long love of learning. Lessons are taught by academic specialists with a passion for their subject, and teaching goes well beyond the narrow confines of examination syllabuses, offering students the best preparation for the very top universities, both in this country and abroad.”

School Website:

Withington Girls’ School

Withington Girls’ School is an all girls school.

Withington Girls’ School- 664 pupils.

“Withington is a leading day school for 650 girls aged 7-18 in which some of the best academic results in the country are attained within a lively, happy and caring environment. Our outstanding record of achievement is complemented by extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities and special attention is paid to pupils’ personal, spiritual, moral and social development.”

School Website:

Preparing for entry into an Independent School

We have developed a section on how to prepare for Independent school exams and how to prepare for Independent School interviews so do please feel free to use these resources if you would like to.

If you are thinking of trying for an Independent School scholarship or bursary then please see our information page on that topic.

Equally, many independent schools publish past papers and we have past papers and sample papers which are useful for preparation in all the core areas:

Free sample 11 Plus English practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Maths practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning practice and past papers