More House School

Overview of More House School and 11 Plus information

Address Francis Holland School, 39 Graham Terrace, London, SW1W 8JF
Pupils 520 pupils
School Type All girls
Entrance Exam The London 11+ Consortium Test
Exam Information The London 11+ Consortium Test Information
Scholarships/Bursaries Available Yes

More House School – Overview

More House School is a selective day school in central London for girls from the age of eleven to eighteen. It was founded by the Canonesses of St Augustine in 1953 at the request of a group of parents determined to send their daughters to a Catholic London day school. It is named after St Thomas More, the Tudor scholar and theologian. The school expanded steadily and moved to its current premises in Knightsbridge in 1971. At that time, the school passed into lay management and leadership, and is currently administered as a lay charitable trust by a governing body, to which parents still make an important contribution. The school welcomes girls of all faiths or none.

The school aims to provide an environment where pupils are valued and supported as individuals and where their rights and dignity are maintained. It strives to foster an ethos of spiritual growth, not only for those within the Roman Catholic Church but also for those who adhere to other Christian traditions and other faiths. It seeks to develop the spiritual, academic and cultural potential of each pupil to the full at every stage of her school career in such a way that this development will continue throughout her life. It aims to encourage intellectual curiosity and pride in achievement and expects all the members of the school community to act with integrity, to display a concern for justice and to be sensitive to the needs of other people.