List of Independent Schools in Staffordshire

There are a range of independent schools in Staffordshire covering mixed schools, schools for boys and schools for girls.

Below you’ll find a list of those schools that we have included which have entry into year 7 (11 Plus entry).

Staffordshire Independent Schools accepting entry into year seven

Denstone College

Denstone College is a mixed school.

Denstone College- 610 pupils.

“Denstone College offers a rounded education, where proper emphasis is placed on academic achievement and high standards are the top priority. A wide range of other opportunities, however, ensures that every individual finds and develops their talents. Denstonians emerge with a degree of self esteem and confidence possible only as a result of so much opportunity and challenge.”

School Website:

Lichfield Cathedral School

Lichfield Cathedral School is a mixed school.

Lichfield Cathedral School- 431 pupils.

“Set in the historic Cathedral Close, Lichfield Cathedral School was founded in 1942 to educate the Cathedral choristers and has since grown considerably to provide independent education for girls and boys from aged 3 through to 18. Music is their speciality, with 25 professional musicians delivering 360 music lessons per week and we hold more than 40 concerts a year.”

School Website:

Newcastle-under-Lyme School

Newcastle-under-Lyme School is a mixed school.

Newcastle-under-Lyme School- 882 pupils.

“Newcastle-under-Lyme School is an independent day school in the town of Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, England. It is the product of an amalgamation between the old Newcastle High School (formed 1874) and the Orme Girls’ School (formed 1876). Today, the School consists of a Nursery, a Preparatory department, the Senior School and the Sixth Form. The Sixth Form particularly is known for its high achievement at ‘A’ level. They take both boys and girls from 3-18.”

School Website:

Stafford Grammar School

Stafford Grammar School is a mixed school.

Stafford Grammar School- 445 pupils.

“The schools cater for children from 7 to 18 years of age. The ethos and atmosphere is unashamedly traditional, friendly and family orientated. A core belief is that a happy child is a successful child and prospective pupils and parents really need to come and see it for themselves. They exist to provide a community of happy, confident and caring individuals who achieve their full potential.”

School Website:

Preparing for entry into an Independent School

We have developed a section on how to prepare for Independent school exams and how to prepare for Independent School interviews so do please feel free to use these resources if you would like to.

If you are thinking of trying for an Independent School scholarship or bursary then please see our information page on that topic.

Equally, many independent schools publish past papers and we have past papers and sample papers which are useful for preparation in all the core areas:

Free sample 11 Plus English practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Maths practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning practice and past papers