List of Independent Schools in Bristol

There are a range of independent schools in Bristol covering mixed schools, schools for boys and schools for girls.

Below you’ll find a list of those schools that we have included which have entry into year 7 (11 Plus entry).

Bristol Independent Schools accepting entry into year seven

Badminton School

Badminton School is an all girls school.

Badminton School- 441 pupils.

“Badminton School have excellent facilities and some of the best boarding and pastoral care provision of any school.  Girls at Badminton come from all over the globe and know that they can try anything, study anything, do anything, and they do. No one there is judged on superficialities, and Badminton girls rightly learn that their future can be anything they want it to be.”

School Website:

Bristol Grammar School

Bristol Grammar School is a mixed school.

Bristol Grammar School- 993 pupils.

“Bristol Grammar School is a consistently high-ranking selective co-educational day school for pupils aged 4-18. They offer a stimulating curriculum, far-reaching opportunities for pupils to develop skills, knowledge and values and an ethos of care and support.”

School Website:

Clifton High School

Clifton High School is a mixed school.

Clifton High School- 565 pupils.

“Co-educational Bristol School with exceptional pastoral care. The only school in Bristol to operate the highly successful Diamond edged model of education where boys & girls are taught together from pre-reception to Year 6 and then separately in core subjects only from Years 7 to 9. Public exams preparation from Year 10 onward is in co – educational classes. The best of both worlds – Socially & Academically.”

School Website:

Colston’s School

Colston’s School is a mixed school.

Colston’s School- 511 pupils.

“Colston’s School offers a wide-ranging education to boys and girls from 3-18 years of age. Pupils enjoy the freedom afforded by a 35 acre site and the extensive facilities on offer. Entry to the Upper School normally occurs at 11+, 13+ and Sixth Form. The House system is at the heart of their pastoral structure and encourages all pupils to engage with, and contribute to, the wider life of the school.”

School Website:

Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital

Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital is an all boys school.

Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital- 688 pupils.

“Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital aims to provide a first-class education. They seek to help all pupils develop their academic potential to the full and to provide opportunities for them to explore and extend their other abilities across a range of activities.”

School Website:

Redmaids’ High School

Redmaids’ High School is an all girls school.

Redmaids’ High School- 490 pupils.

“Girls at Redmaids’ High are happy and the school strive to ensure that each one is encouraged to discover and develop her own abilities. They encourage academic excellence. Girls consistently achieve impressive examination results. They offer a choice of the International Baccalaureate Diploma or A Levels in the Sixth Form and girls select from a broad GCSE subject range.”

School Website:

Preparing for entry into an Independent School

We have developed a section on how to prepare for Independent school exams and how to prepare for Independent School interviews so do please feel free to use these resources if you would like to.

If you are thinking of trying for an Independent School scholarship or bursary then please see our information page on that topic.

Equally, many independent schools publish past papers and we have past papers and sample papers which are useful for preparation in all the core areas:

Free sample 11 Plus English practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Maths practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning practice and past papers