List of Independent Schools in Merseyside

There are a range of independent schools in Merseyside covering mixed schools, schools for boys and schools for girls.

Below you’ll find a list of those schools that we have included which have entry into year 7 (11 Plus entry).

Merseyside Independent Schools accepting entry into year seven

Birkenhead School

Birkenhead School is a mixed school.

Birkenhead School- 786 pupils.

“An open and happy community where endeavour and achievement flourish and where every child is valued for his or her own qualities and talents. As well as a secure route to academic success, Birkenhead School provides a caring and structured environment where pupils grow in self-confidence and enjoy a wealth of opportunities for teamwork and personal development, both in and out of the classroom.”

School Website:

Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School

Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School is an all boys school.

Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School- 745 pupils.

“Founded in 1620, Merchant Taylors’ School is an HMC independent day school for boys between the ages of 7 and 18. Admission is by entrance examination and academic standards are high with excellent facilities for sport, music, art and drama. A sizable endowment income is used to assist families with fees and helps ensure that the school is socially comprehensive.”

School Website:

Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School

Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School is a mixed school from age 4-7 but an all girls school from age 8-18.

Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School- 788 pupils.

“MTGS is a real hidden gem. Inside, girls sparkle and shine with their accomplishments and achievements. Unashamedly female, the school value kindness and friendliness. They believe education should offer opportunities for life, so  provide a broad, balanced curriculum to maximise the girls’ potential, whilst offering an impressive enrichment programme and an expectation of service in the community.”

School Website:

St Mary’s College

St Mary’s College is a mixed school.

St Mary’s College- 680 pupils.

“St Mary’s College are an independent, co-educational school with a Christian ethos, specifically Roman Catholic but welcoming pupils of all faiths. The school cater for 0-18 year olds, providing children with continuity of education throughout their school lives. At St. Mary’s success is measured by much more than examination results. They place great emphasis on the development of the whole person, encouraging achievement in many fields via their rich programme of extra-curricular activities. The college promotes caring for others, and offers significant opportunities for spiritual and moral development.”

School Website:

Tower College

Tower College is a mixed school.

Tower College- 325 pupils.

“Tower College is a non-denominational Christian school for boys and girls aged 3 – 16. Pupils travel from a wide catchment area over Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire to benefit from the beautiful surroundings, close knit community and high standards of achievement, behaviour and care for one another. The Early Years Grant is available for three and four year olds, whether full or part time.”

School Website:

Preparing for entry into an Independent School

We have developed a section on how to prepare for Independent school exams and how to prepare for Independent School interviews so do please feel free to use these resources if you would like to.

If you are thinking of trying for an Independent School scholarship or bursary then please see our information page on that topic.

Equally, many independent schools publish past papers and we have past papers and sample papers which are useful for preparation in all the core areas:

Free sample 11 Plus English practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Maths practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning practice and past papers

Free sample 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning practice and past papers