North London Girls’ School Consortium

This advice is now out of date. Please go to our new page on The London 11+ Consortium.

This is a group of schools which has gathered together to manage their own admissions arrangements. They have done this because it is easier for them and makes most sense for parents and children who often apply to more than one of these schools.

Schools involved in the North London Girls’ School Consortium

Group 1- North London Girls’ School Consortium

 Francis Holland (Sloane Square)

 Francis Holland (Regent’s Park)

 Heathfield School

 Notting Hill and Ealing High School

 Queen’s College

 St. Helen’s  School

 South Hampstead High School

 The Royal School, Hampstead

Group 2- North London Girls’ School Consortium

 Channing School

 City of London School for Girls

 More House

 Northwood College

 Queen’s Gate School

 St. James Independent School

 The Godolphin and Latymer School.

Not in the consortium

Three schools which some families also consider are not in the consortium:

North London Collegiate School for girls

St. Paul’s Girls’ School

Haberdahser’s Askes’ Girls School

11 Plus Exam Procedures for Group 1 and Group 2 – North London Consortium

Group 1 and Group 2 have separate examinations but you can prepare for both in the same way.

Both areas will test for English and Maths and nothing else.

Consortium English 11 Plus tests. These contain sections on comprehension and writing. For the comprehension children can expect a classic text or something of similar complexity. They will be asked to write full answers although the odd question may be multiple choice. Answers should be written in full sentences. They will then get a writing section.

Consortium Maths 11 Plus tests. These contain a mix of questions which largely focus on the 11 Plus syllabus. Questions tend to be in standard form (not multiple choice). As with most Independent Schools there will be a number of questions towards the end of the paper which are more difficult. These questions will ask children to use their skills and logic to work their way through the question. The Maths in these questions is not complicated but children will need to be able to think on their feet to reach the correct solution. Schools  can use the performance in these more difficult questions to help inform scholarship decisions.

North London Girls’ School 11 Plus Consortium Past Exam Papers

Past papers for the North London Girls School Consortium can be accessed here towards the bottom of the page.